Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Good Habits, Good Vibes

Our lives are made of habits. Do anything for 28 days straight and that'll be your life. I believe this works and I also believe it doesn't have to take 28 days but how ever many days works for you. I'm saying that because I fell off my Whole30 lifestyle/diet but kept with my healthier eating lifestyle, thanks to only 8 days. It has become my newest habit.

I am eating a lot healthier now and because of that I've lost a total of 10 lbs in 2 weeks. I can't see it but my scale and especially my clothes, tells me otherwise. I have another 15 lbs to lose at this point as it is my second goal weight, and then another 10 lbs for my third goal weight. I am extremely ecstatic about this new journey of mine and can't wait to keep reaching each of my goals!

So keep in mind that our lives are made of habits. Don't let bad habits in, let go of those bad habits, and pick up new, good habits. You'll thank yourself for doing such a great thing for your life.

And to hold myself accountable, I'm going to start up the Whole30 in 3 weeks, because of the many celebrations to come soon. I will blog about my experience once I start again :)

Friday, May 2, 2014

Whole30: A Lifestyle.

Hi there! Just here updating on something new in my life. I came across an eating plan that really caught my attention. It really is different from diets that I've seen and heard of and especially because Whole30 is not considered a diet but more a lifestyle which I can agree with. So for the past 7 days, I've been following the Whole30 program, a Paleo-inspired eating lifestyle. I must say, I was surprised what I could still eat, as long as I read my labels and cook everything (not that I don't cook most meals of mine already :)) I have also realized how much more expensive eating clean is. But it's made a satisfying dent in my pocket ...try to wrap your mind around that lol.

But what is the Whole30 program? Read it here: Whole30

Days 1-3 , I ate a lot of eggs and then grew tired of it and started having slight gagging reflexes each time a piece of egg touched my mouth. So I stopped eating eggs. Days 4-5 went fine too. Sometimes I struggled to find something to eat but it's ok, I have fruits to tie me over till I get my meal.

Yesterday, Day 6, I was offered a morning muffin for breakfast ...I politely accepted and let it sit by my bag for a while, when I felt it was safe, I crumbled it and threw it away. I even picked one of my favorites and one I would eat at that moment, knowing I will only throw it away. I felt bad but then thought about my body and felt better because my body deserves better! I also stepped into a Whole Foods for the Red Boat fish sauce and Coconut Aminos since I've been craving that Asian seasoning in my food. But walked out empty-handed due to the prices. They are expensive and seemed a bit ridiculous when I compared the prices to the usual fish sauce and soy sauce I buy from the Asian stores. I think I can survive without them though because I don't use those two sauces daily already.

Today is Day 7 and I'm experiencing headaches. I woke up this morning with the worst 2 second headache and became light headed until I jumped back into bed for a few more minutes. The whole day I felt a bit sluggish and right now I have a minor headache. There's a Whole30 timeline that I've been reading and although I'm not experiencing everything of what is on the timeline (I don't expect to because everyone is different and that timeline explains a general idea only) I did just want to be in bed all day on "Day 7".

Now onto my cravings!
I have been truly deprived of rice. It's the only thing I want with each and every meal. I love rice so much that my meals would be 75 rice/25 dish portioned ...sometimes 85/15 ...ssshhhh. Not only was it eaten during meals but it became "dessert" because I found sweetness in eating plain fresh cooked rice. I used to never go without rice. I would eat rice with pizza, rice with pasta, rice with all meats, rice with everything! Even rice with fried rice ...I said ssshhhh! Now I've been rice-free for 7 days and feel weak without it lol. Other things I'm craving but know I'm only craving because I know I can't have is pizza and burgers with buns and pickles and mayo. Mmmmmmm, Kraft mayo.

I plan to stick to this lifestyle for another 23 days and hope to make it. I will also begin exercising starting tomorrow. I figured that with a change like this to the body, my body, exercising might not be such a great idea just yet. But since it'll be the 2nd week, lets do it!

SIDE NOTE: Grass-fed beef equals yumminess! If I had that extra money for nothing, it'd go to grass-fed beef!

I'll be back in a week and see how I'm feeling then :) Nights ya'lls!

Friday, February 21, 2014

Our Galentine's Date

It's been a while since my best friends and I have gone out just to eat and enjoy each other's company ...or since we've gone out for frozen yogurt ;) the main reason we had this Galentine's date!

That Sunday, of my most dreaded Valentine's weekend ever (I'm getting old and bitter), 7 of us met up and went to a global market where we had Mediterranean, African, and Mexican food for lunch and exchanged diy cards and candy bags, drove to Uptown for dessert at Yogurt Lab and ended the day at the movie theaters to watch "Endless Love".

Like one of my friends said, this really turned out to be a date. Food, dessert, and a movie ...complete with a card and candy exchange. It was really fun but in reality, this is one of the most boring types of first dates, EVER lol! 
 DIY card: crochet heart (in little effort to participate in the 2nd annual Sheepish Heart Bomb, I sewed them onto cards instead), sewn with twine, with a cute quote appropriate for my dandy work, 
"Friendships are sewn one stitch at a time."

Monday, February 10, 2014

Monday's Orange

It's Monday! I had myself an iced hazelnut coffee! It always starts off my day well. I've also been crazy about asian pear for breakfast or a snack; it's crunchy, juicy, and perfectly sweet ...in my opinion, way better than the regular pears.

Onto my OOTD, this is my favorite sweater cardigan. I like the soft taupe color, coziness, and length ...everything about it :) And yesterday I painted my nails in an orange color, after seeing an old picture and remembering what summer is like and how desperately I need summer right now!  

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Pajamas Type Of Day

Today is an ultimate lazy day! Although I never claim to be lazy ...I'm just always "tired" ;) It's cold, I woke up around 9am, got a good workout in, watched a bit of my current favorite Korean drama, "My Love From Another Star" <3, had a light breakfast, and am blogging just now.

I'm in my pajamas and plan to stay in them all day but picked out an outfit in case I do step outside. I'm obsessed with these booties I recently purchased at a steal! I fell in love with the cognac color, studs on the back, and the dark finish on the tip. Cardigans and leggings are a must for me.

So Over Winter

Here is my first OOTD of the year and first in a while. The midwest has been getting a lot of negative weather and I didn't want to risk my life (it's not that severe though lol) taking OOTDs outdoors for better lighting. It was late at night before I decided to snap a quick picture.

Yesterday was a typical work day for me and then endless errands before I could meet up with my girlfriends to do some general planning for a trip to South Korea this Spring! It'll be the first time for a couple of the girls but a second for me and another friend. We're all very excited and can't wait til for this vacation, that has been long overdue! Also it's been 2 years since I've parted my hair on the side. I might stick to it for a while :)

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Gems and Desserts

Tuesday would've been a perfect day take pictures and to vlog (something I don't plan on doing).

My sister and I drove 40mins to pick up our other sister and decided to go hang out for a while. We stopped by an outdoor shopping mall right off the highway, when a store caught my eye! Shopping, thrifting, and stopping by a bakery was such a great way to spend our afternoon together! We first went to thrift and my sister found a gem! It's one of the cutest piece of stone decor for her room! I also found a big black Jansport backpack! Something I've wanted but could never cough up the money to spend that much on a backpack ...purse? No problem! ;) Lol. Red velvet and salted caramel cupcakes, vanilla and chocolate macarons, and hardy burgers soon followed after ...it made me miss California a lot ^^~ Target (currently in a real love/hate relationship with) was our last stop and that's where I found a new pair of booties on clearance! 

Unfortunately, the cupcakes and macarons were the only thing I took a picture of. It's pretty ;D I have to say though, those Trader Joe's macarons were delicious! I'd buy them again for a cheap fix. But the Whole Foods cupcakes, never again. The consistency of the cake and frosting were not up to par to my likings.

A perfect spontaneous day with my sisters.

Monday, February 3, 2014

Hello Blog!

Hello 2014! Hello February, this beautiful month of 2014! I started this blog back in 2011 I believe and have just deleted every blog post I've typed up. I want to start anew! And I feel this month of February would be the perfect month to start that because so far I've just had a great feeling about everything in life. I'm realizing so many things that I've not seen and understanding everything that has happened in my life. Life has never been clearer as an adult!

Off the top of my head: I am Hmong and am taller than the average Hmong woman and Man :/ ...yet I embrace it, love fashion, squeals over anything cute, I crochet and sew, I love coffee ...on the bitter side, Mayo is my main condiment, love the ocean, I'm organized, and am a simple but detailed person <3

See you all in my next post!