Thursday, February 6, 2014

Gems and Desserts

Tuesday would've been a perfect day take pictures and to vlog (something I don't plan on doing).

My sister and I drove 40mins to pick up our other sister and decided to go hang out for a while. We stopped by an outdoor shopping mall right off the highway, when a store caught my eye! Shopping, thrifting, and stopping by a bakery was such a great way to spend our afternoon together! We first went to thrift and my sister found a gem! It's one of the cutest piece of stone decor for her room! I also found a big black Jansport backpack! Something I've wanted but could never cough up the money to spend that much on a backpack ...purse? No problem! ;) Lol. Red velvet and salted caramel cupcakes, vanilla and chocolate macarons, and hardy burgers soon followed after made me miss California a lot ^^~ Target (currently in a real love/hate relationship with) was our last stop and that's where I found a new pair of booties on clearance! 

Unfortunately, the cupcakes and macarons were the only thing I took a picture of. It's pretty ;D I have to say though, those Trader Joe's macarons were delicious! I'd buy them again for a cheap fix. But the Whole Foods cupcakes, never again. The consistency of the cake and frosting were not up to par to my likings.

A perfect spontaneous day with my sisters.

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