Friday, May 2, 2014

Whole30: A Lifestyle.

Hi there! Just here updating on something new in my life. I came across an eating plan that really caught my attention. It really is different from diets that I've seen and heard of and especially because Whole30 is not considered a diet but more a lifestyle which I can agree with. So for the past 7 days, I've been following the Whole30 program, a Paleo-inspired eating lifestyle. I must say, I was surprised what I could still eat, as long as I read my labels and cook everything (not that I don't cook most meals of mine already :)) I have also realized how much more expensive eating clean is. But it's made a satisfying dent in my pocket ...try to wrap your mind around that lol.

But what is the Whole30 program? Read it here: Whole30

Days 1-3 , I ate a lot of eggs and then grew tired of it and started having slight gagging reflexes each time a piece of egg touched my mouth. So I stopped eating eggs. Days 4-5 went fine too. Sometimes I struggled to find something to eat but it's ok, I have fruits to tie me over till I get my meal.

Yesterday, Day 6, I was offered a morning muffin for breakfast ...I politely accepted and let it sit by my bag for a while, when I felt it was safe, I crumbled it and threw it away. I even picked one of my favorites and one I would eat at that moment, knowing I will only throw it away. I felt bad but then thought about my body and felt better because my body deserves better! I also stepped into a Whole Foods for the Red Boat fish sauce and Coconut Aminos since I've been craving that Asian seasoning in my food. But walked out empty-handed due to the prices. They are expensive and seemed a bit ridiculous when I compared the prices to the usual fish sauce and soy sauce I buy from the Asian stores. I think I can survive without them though because I don't use those two sauces daily already.

Today is Day 7 and I'm experiencing headaches. I woke up this morning with the worst 2 second headache and became light headed until I jumped back into bed for a few more minutes. The whole day I felt a bit sluggish and right now I have a minor headache. There's a Whole30 timeline that I've been reading and although I'm not experiencing everything of what is on the timeline (I don't expect to because everyone is different and that timeline explains a general idea only) I did just want to be in bed all day on "Day 7".

Now onto my cravings!
I have been truly deprived of rice. It's the only thing I want with each and every meal. I love rice so much that my meals would be 75 rice/25 dish portioned ...sometimes 85/15 ...ssshhhh. Not only was it eaten during meals but it became "dessert" because I found sweetness in eating plain fresh cooked rice. I used to never go without rice. I would eat rice with pizza, rice with pasta, rice with all meats, rice with everything! Even rice with fried rice ...I said ssshhhh! Now I've been rice-free for 7 days and feel weak without it lol. Other things I'm craving but know I'm only craving because I know I can't have is pizza and burgers with buns and pickles and mayo. Mmmmmmm, Kraft mayo.

I plan to stick to this lifestyle for another 23 days and hope to make it. I will also begin exercising starting tomorrow. I figured that with a change like this to the body, my body, exercising might not be such a great idea just yet. But since it'll be the 2nd week, lets do it!

SIDE NOTE: Grass-fed beef equals yumminess! If I had that extra money for nothing, it'd go to grass-fed beef!

I'll be back in a week and see how I'm feeling then :) Nights ya'lls!

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